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標題: 液態生物反應器氧氣傳導係數之建模與測試
Modeling and Testing for Oxygen Transfer Coefficient of the Liquid Bioreactor
作者: 余見仁
Yu, Jian-Ren
關鍵字: oxygen transfer
liquid bioreactor
volumetric mass transfer coefficient
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系所
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摘要: 在評估生物反應器內部環境時,最重要的指標是氧氣傳導速率。在探討氧氣傳遞時,描述氧氣質傳模式有很多種,其中有ASCE氧氣質傳模式、McWhirter and Hutter氧氣質傳模式及off-gas氧氣質傳模式等相關理論。 本實驗是採用三種氧氣質傳模式,分別為ASCE氧氣質傳模式、修正McWhirter and Hutter氧氣質傳模式和off-gas氧氣質傳模式。並藉由量測生物反應器內部的溶氧和氧氣變化量,來測試三種氧氣質傳模式。
It is an important variable that is oxygen transfer rate to evaluate the internal part of the bioreactor. There has many oxygen transfer models to study oxygen transfer. For example, ASCE oxygen mass transfer, McWhirter and Hutter oxygen mass transfer model and off-gas mass transfer model are the relevant theory. The study introduces three kinds of oxygen mass transfer model. They are ASCE oxygen mass transfer model, modified McWhirter and Hutter oxygen mass transfer model and off-gas mass transfer model. A method is available to measure dissolved oxygen and oxygen in the bioreactor, and to test three kinds of oxygen mass transfer model.
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