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標題: 公糧穀倉儲量估算與監測系統之設計與分析
Design and Analysis on System for Estimating Grain Storage and Monitoring in Granary
作者: 陳政宏
Chen, Jheng-Hong
關鍵字: Grain storage estimation
Mechanism Design
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系所
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摘要: 為解決政府需派員以人力清查公糧數量是否正確,而不夠客觀且危險等問題,本研究開發一套公糧穀倉儲量估算與監測系統,並建立出可利用掃描物體測得之點雲資料,估算出穀堆體積的法則。本研究所開發之量測機構可使量測人員與穀堆保持一定安全距離,且可拆裝以方便搬運。以LabVIEW 8.6撰寫控制系統程式,可控制PLC、微步進馬達與雷射測距儀等設備,量測人員只需設定控制參數,即可完成穀堆體積或高度之量測。 經實驗証實穀堆於堆疊後,前3個月間,會出現大幅度之高度下降趨勢,於堆疊約7個月後高度下降趨勢趨緩,並推論高度下降同時,穀堆四周是否膨脹,應取決於人工堆疊穀堆方式。本研究所建立之穀堆體積估算法則之估算結果與人工估算體積最大相差值為7.7%,平均相差值為4.5%。
To estimate and monitor grain storage in government granary is a routine work for local government employee. In order to help them estimating the grain storage more correctly while maintaining personal safety. The system can scan the object to establish so-called cloud points covering the surface of the object and estimate the volume of the object based on the developed algorithm. The system can be assembled and disassembled for delivery. The system keeps a safe distance from the object when in deploying position, and protects the operator's safety. The control program written in software - LabVIEW 8.6 - was used to control PLC, micro-stepping motors, and laser distance meters. The system can estimate the volume and height of the piled grain bags in the granary after some parameters have been inputted. According to the experimental results, the height of piled grain bags dropped faster in the first three months, and became slowly, then kept stable after seven months. The periphery of the piled grain bags expanded or not depending on the way of piling. Regard to grain storage, the difference between manual and the system estimations was 7.7% in maximal and 4.5% in average.
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