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標題: 大蒜聯合收穫機之設計研究
Design of A Garlic Combine
作者: 陳寶川
Chen, Pao-Chuan
關鍵字: 大蒜
Garlic Combine
出版社: 農業機械工程學系
摘要: This research is to develop the garlic combine.Firstly, the plant methodsare studied and the physical propeties of garlic are also statistically analyzed including the weight, heightand diameter as well as thetension and shear breaking forces for the root and stem.By the way of man-harvested procedures, with drawn, root-cut andstem-cut, The Garlic Combine is designed. The cutting knife of digger is designed as thebow shapeat the inner side to dig for low level.The clamp pressure during transferand level arrangement is adaptively designed to reduce thedamage of garlic heads. The machinery has the functions of divergence- lifting, digging, pluging-in, clamp-up, clamping, transferring, level arrangement, root-clean,root-cut, stem-cut, collecting and stem-lay-out. The machine can be tracted andpowered by a small hourse power(20∼30HP) tractor. The proto typeof the garlic combine is the type of single-plot and tested on the fieldfor different rotating speeds and levels. Over 90% of thegarlies can be successfully harvested for the length of garlic stems under 4cm.The developed garlic combine can be commercialized to solve the problem of the lack of workers, reduce the production cost, and increase thegross income of the farmers.
本論文旨在研發大蒜聯合收穫機,首先調查大蒜栽培方式,並對蒜 頭進行物性調查分析,包括重量、高度、直徑,以及根、莖之拉斷與剪斷 力測試。 根據人工收穫方式之拔起、剪根、剪 莖等步驟,設計開發大蒜聯合收穫機。本機挖掘鏟刀設計為圓弧形刀口在 內側,具有淺挖功能。夾送與齊高時各皮帶對蒜莖壓力依需要而設計,可 減輕夾壓力對蒜頭之損傷。 本機具有分桿、挖掘、撥入、夾起、夾持、 輸送、齊高、刷根、剪根、剪莖、收穫及排莖等功能,由小馬力( 20∼30 HP) 之曳引機來承載及驅動,為一承載式大蒜聯合收穫機。雛型機為每次 可收穫一畦,以不同主軸轉速及不同投入高度之試驗結果,蒜頭莖長均能 符合2∼4cm之要求,在田間試驗結果莖長在 4cm以下成功率達 90%以上 ,本機將來 可商品化,以解決勞力不足問題,提高工作效率,降低生產 成本,以增加蒜農收益。
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