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標題: 龍眼平衡相對濕度與遲滯現象之研究
Study of Equilibrium Relative Humidity Properties and Hysteresis for Longan
作者: 洪滉祐
Hurng, Huaang-Youh
關鍵字: Fruit-Longan
equilibrium relative humidity
出版社: 農業機械工程學系
摘要: This research measured the ERH/EMC of Longan during desorption and adsorption processing under the 11 different temperatures among 5C and 90C. The experimental result was analyzed through the non-linear regression analysis of SAS software.The modified Halsey model was suitable on the two parameters model of ERH/EMC of Longan during desorption and adsorption processing. The modified Oswin model was suitable on the three parameters model of ERH/EMC of Longan during desorption and adsorption processing.The mathematics equations of those two modified models were established on this research.The Hystersis phenomenon of Longan was happened between 5c and 90C during storage.The lowest limit for hysteresis appearance occurred at 0.1 moisture(dry base) and 0.2 RH.The relative humidity range of converging beginning of hystersis loop increase as higher temperature and its moiisture range was between 0.18 and 0.22(dry base)
本研究針對龍眼在5~90C範圍內,取11個不同溫階進行去濕與回潮ERH/EMC 物性量測;獲得以下結果:龍眼去濕與回潮ERH/EMC二參數糢式以修正 HALSEY模式最適稱.中T參數糢式以修正OSWIN模式最適稱.本研究已建立其 數學模式.5C~90C之間具有遲滯現象,遲滯環面積受溫度變化影響.在等溫 與相同ERH條件下,去濕有較高的EMC值.遲滯損失都發生在0.2~0.65ERH之 間.遲滯發生之低限在emc=0.1(db.)與erh=0.2狀態下. 嘀虩Ⅷ籉珊襤_始 點的相對濕度範圍隨溫度增高而增高; 但含水率範圍均落在18~22%(乾基) 之間.
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