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標題: 時間區域反射法應用於固態培養介質中水分量測技術之研究
Water Content Measurement on Solid-State Substrate Cultivation by Time Domain Reflectometry
作者: 蘇懷遠
Su, Huai-Yuan
關鍵字: solid-state substrate cultivation
moisture content
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系所
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摘要: 固態生物反應器中微生物的生長影響因子十分複雜且難以預測,也是微生物固態培養的關鍵技術。因此需要建立即時量測溫度和水分之技術,做為模式分析與控制的基礎。本研究探討培養基溫度與水分量測技術,使用迴歸技術建立SM200對黃豆粉含水率量測之校正方程式,並於單層與分層實驗中探討SM200量測固態培養基質含水率之適用性。 由於SM200量測含水率過程受到溫度影響,在建模時需考慮溫度變數。量測過程中通氣造成黃豆粉含水率及密度梯度差,導致SM200不適用於此動態環境下含水率之量測。
The growth factors of the microorganism in the solid state bioreactor are complicated and very hard to predict. These are the key technologies of the solid-state substrate cultivation. The on-line measurement of temperature and moisture content are the basic techniques. These measured parameters are the fundamental of model analysis and control. In this study, the technology of the measurement of temperature and moisture are evaluated. The proposed calibration models were used to describe the relationship between the reading values of SM200 and moisture content of soy powder was developed by regression methods. The utilization of SM200 meter was tested by single and different layers measurement. The measurement of moisture content by SM200 meter was significantly affected by the ambient temperature. Due to the gradients of moisture and density, SM200 meter can not be applied at the dynamical process during ventilation process.
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