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標題: 雙軸式水平調整機構之研究及其在穀堆儲量量測之應用
A Study on Two-axis Leveling Device and Its Application on Measuring Grain Storage
作者: 陳科廷
Chen, Cotin
關鍵字: 水平調整機構
Leveling device
Estimate volume of grain heap
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系所
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摘要: The grain bought by Government usually is stored in the granary of local farmer association. The governmental inspectors would regularly go to the granary and measure the amount of the grain storage. The inspectors use a tape measure or a laser range finder to measure the length, width and height of grain heap and further estimate the volume. It is difficult to have an objective way to measure the volume when the profile of heaped grain is irregular. Chen (2009) had developed a system for estimating grain storage and monitoring in granary. Using a laser range finder mounted on a dual-axis rotating platform the measurements with a fixed angle way could be processed automatically. The estimation of volume of grain heap was accurate according the experimental results. However, two major problems had been found in the system, the first one was the measuring platform may be uneven in some situation, which could cause incorrect measurement; the second one was it was time-consuming, which was not practical. The first objective of this study is to design a two-axis leveling device to keep the measuring platform in the horizontal level. If measuring platform is not even in the initial position, the device will detect and adjust the platform quickly. Therefore, the accuracy of the measurement can be ensured. The second objective of this study is to develop a new measuring method, only measure some characteristic points of the profile of the grain heap instead of measuring lots of cloud points by Chen (2009). Using this method, the measuring time can be saved significantly without sacrificing accuracy. In the leveling experiment, the platform tilted in any direction initially, and then the device had detected and leveled the platform immediately. According to the experimental results, the platform tilt from the horizontal plane after leveling process is less than 1 in average. This can prove the effectiveness of the two-axis leveling device. In volume estimation experiment, for estimating volume of single carton, the average relative error is 4.97%; for estimating total volume of two cartons, the average relative error is 4.03%; for estimating total volume of twenty-five cartons, the average relative error is 4.97%. In estimating the volume of grain heap, after calibration, the estimation of the volume is 47.7736 m3, compared with 50.592 m3, and the relative error is 5.01%. It takes about 3 minutes in each measurement. The novel method we had developed can effectively reduce the measurement time in estimating the grain storage in granary.
政府收購的公糧,通常會存放在農會的穀倉內,稽查人員定時會去量測榖堆的體積。稽查人員使用皮尺或測距儀量測長、寬、高來求得穀堆體積,在面對不規則的榖堆,則難以有客觀的方式來量測體積。陳(2009)研發了一套榖倉儲量估算與監測系統,利用雷射測距儀搭配雙軸旋轉平台,來進行自動化的量測,以固定點角度的方式來量測,雖能正確估算穀堆體積,但是卻衍生量測儀器可能處於不水平以及量測時間太長的問題。 本研究是以自行設計之雙軸式水平調整機構,減少量測儀器在不水平的情況下進行量測所產生的誤差,並且應用於量測榖堆體積特徵點的方式,減少榖堆量測的時間與資料量,且保持一定精度。 在本研究中,在任意方向的傾斜下,水平調整測試結果誤差小於1°,證實 水平機構的可行性。單一紙箱體積估測,平均相對誤差4.97%;兩併排紙箱體積估測,平均相對誤差4.03%;25個大小不同的紙箱體積估測,平均相對誤差4.97%。實際榖堆量測,經計入少算之側面體積後,估測體積約為47.7736 m^3,實際體積為50.592 m^3,相對誤差為5.01%,一次量測時間約為3分鐘,有效減少量測時間。
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