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標題: 二行式甘藍收穫機之研製
Studies on the Bi-Row
作者: 施清田
Shih, Ching-Tien
關鍵字: Bi-Row
出版社: 農業機械工程學系
摘要: 本研究針對平地種植之甘藍,包括夏蜂與初秋兩個品種進行物理性質分析,以及機械採收特性試驗。並依據種植方式與物性資料,設計試造二行式甘藍收穫機。該機動力使用8 PS/1,800 RPM汽油引擎,行走裝置為履帶式底盤,具有原地轉彎之性能,履帶中心距530公厘、最大寬幅690公厘、接地長625公厘、接地寬160公厘,接地壓0.16公斤/平方公分。行走部主變速前進高低二檔、後退一檔,副變速高低兩段,因此前進四速、後退二速,行走前進速度0.27-0.8公尺/秒,後退速度0.3-0.7公尺/秒。採收行株距在45公分x40-50公分範圍。二行式甘藍收穫雛型機,主要機構包含:行走機構、傳動機構、引導收集拔取圓盤機構、提昇輸送螺旋滾輪機構、壓頂導正輸送機構、切根機構、側邊球體導正夾送機構與上部皮帶輸送機構、切莖機構、莖葉排出輸送機構、及球葉排出輸送機構等部份。 二行式甘藍收穫雛型機經田間性能測試結果,拔株率97%,切根率100%,切莖率100%,切口整齊率89%;行走速度0.27公尺/秒,估算作業能力約0.08-0.1公頃/小時。
This research investigated about the physical properties of cabbages grown on the plain, summer-bee species and early-autumn species. The Characteristics of these cabbage concerned with mechanized harvesting were tested. Based on the aforesaid planting method and physical properties of the cabbages, the bi-row cabbage harvester is designed and produced. The machine is using the 8 PS/1800 RPM gasoline engine. And the traveling device is a belt type chassis, with the function of turning on the spot. The belt center distance is 530 mm, maximum width 690 mm, grounding length 625 mm, grounding width 160 mm, and grounding pressure 0.16 kg/cm2. The main transmission of the traveling part contains two gears (high and low) forward and one gear backward, while the secondary transmission contains two sections (high and low); thus, there are 4 speeds forward and 2 speeds backward. The traveling forward speed is 0.27 — 0.8 m/second, and the traveling backward speed is 0.3 — 0.7 m/second. The harvesting row and plant spacing is within the range of 45 cm x 40 — 50 cm. The prototype of bi-row cabbage harvester mainly consists of: the traveling mechanism, driving mechanism, guiding/collecting/pulling disk mechanism, lifting/conveying spiral roller mechanism, pressing/correcting/conveying mechanism, root cutting mechanism, lateral ball correcting/clamping/conveying mechanism, upper belt conveying mechanism, stem cutting mechanism, stem and leaf discharging/conveying mechanism, and bulb and leaf discharging/conveying mechanism. By means of the field performance test, it is found that the miniature model of bi-row cabbage harvester exhibits a plant pulling rate of 97%, a root cutting rate of 100%, a stem cutting rate of 100%, and a neat cutting-edge rate of 89%. Its traveling speed is 0.27 m/second, and the estimated operating capacity is about 0.08 — 0.1 hectare/hour.
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