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標題: 發展休閒農業之田園景觀評估與塑造策略-以后里鄉泰安地區為例
Pastoral Landscape assessment and Modeling strategies of Leisure Agriculture Development- A Case Study of Tai-An Area in Houli Township
作者: 林春良
Lin, Chun-liang
關鍵字: Rural landscape
agricultural landscape
leisure agriculture
landscape assessment
出版社: 農村規劃研究所
摘要: 基於農業生產環境維護、活化及價值轉換之動機,本研究以田園景觀為研究主體,從使用者視覺評估及行為習性等方面,來探討目前農村景觀所面臨的困境。並針對發展休閒農業之土地使用管理,結合農村建築與農事生產,透過景觀塑造概念,訂定評估準則與研擬對策,希望促使田園生產與農村建設能和諧發展,積極塑造優質田園景觀,達成提昇農村地區吸引力及休憩價值之目標。 個案研究方面,選定台中縣后里鄉泰安地區為對象,運用文獻整理、田野調查、景觀視覺評估及DEMATEL﹝決策試行評價實驗Decision Making Trial Evaluation Laboratory﹞法之矩陣調查分析,找出發展休閒農業之田園景觀營造上的各項課題,並分析其塑造優勢、潛力、問題,進一步研擬對策提出發展構想。
Under motives of maintenance for agricultural production environment and value conversion, this study mainly researched on pastoral landscape. From the viewpoints of visual assessment of the users and their behavior habits, etc. the research studied further about current landscape difficulties faced by the villages. Moreover, aiming at land utilization management for development of the leisure agriculture, the rural architecture and agricultural production was combined together. Through landscape modeling concepts, the assessment criteria and measure policies were stipulated to facilitate the harmonious development for rural production and construction of village. Therefore, a quality pastoral landscape was created to promote the attraction for rural area, and the goal of leisure value was implemented successfully. In the study, a case of Tai-An area in Houli Township was adopted under investigation and research. Using the analytic methods of historical documents, fieldwork, landscape visual assessment and DEMATEL (Decision Making Trial Evaluation Laboratory), we discovered various issues for landscape modeling and construction of the leisure agriculture development. Under this research with analysis its preferential advantages, potential, and possible problems encountering, we drawn up further a rural planning for future development.
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