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標題: Flow density of a reversible ratchet
作者: 陳宏榮
Chen, H.J.
Huang, J.L.
Wang, C.Y.
Tseng, H.C.
關鍵字: fluctuation-induced transport
brownian particles
thermal ratchets
molecular motors
driven ratchets
期刊/報告no:: Physical Review E, Volume 82, Issue 5.
摘要: By defining "flow density" in a reversible ratchet, a kind of Brownian motor that runs four processes in a two-dimensional parameter space to complete a cycle, we analytically investigate the behavior of the motor's integrated flow in terms of the magnitude and location of the density maximum. It turns out that flow density gives information that can serve as a guide for obtaining the most suitable integrated flow important in the design of reversible ratchets.
ISSN: 1539-3755
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