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標題: 不同基因型落花生之收穫期對莢果成熟度、產量與品質的影響
Effects of Harvest Date on Pod Maturity, Yield and Quality of Four Peanut Genotypes
作者: 呂坤泉
Lu, Kun-Chuan
關鍵字: peanut
harvest date
出版社: 農藝學研究所
摘要: 本試驗採用四個落花生基因型,屬 Spanish type的 台南 11號及台農6號與屬Virginia type的立枝仔及VB313,分別於 84年春作及秋作種植於台灣省農業試驗所之試驗農場,於植株 生育期取樣調查農藝及品質性狀,並進行分析比較,以探討不 同收穫期對落花生莢果成熟度分布及其對產量品質之影響,期 瞭解台灣目前落花生主要栽培品種之最適收穫期,以提供落花 生栽培及育種改進之參考,其結果如下: 1.四個基因型均以愈接近地面之分枝所結莢果愈多,尤以第一 、二分枝莢數最多,上位分枝結莢之機率以Virginia type 較高,唯其不一定比下位分枝所結莢果晚熟。 2.單株莢果及籽粒數量以栽培株距30公分之情形況下,較多於 10公分者;但公頃莢果及籽粒產量則以密植栽培 (株距10公 分)較高。 3.四個基因型落花生,不管春秋作,六次收穫期中,成熟莢數 (合格莢),均不易達70%以上。春作 Spanish type最適收穫 期約為始花後108∼115天,秋作為88∼95天;春作Virginia type最適收穫期為開花後115天,秋作為95天。 4.落花生收穫時莢果成熟度高者,其油分含量高,春作籽粒油 分含量高於秋作,但不同收穫期對蛋白質含量影響較小。
To study the effects of harvest date on pod maturity, yield and quality of peanut, two Spanish type (TN 11 and TNG 6) and two Virginia type (Li-chu-tzae and VB313 ) peanut genotypes were grown with two space-in-rows in the field of the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute in the spring and fall crop seasons of 1995. The results were summarized as follows: 1.The first and second branches of peanuts set more pods than any of other branches. More pods set at the upper branches of Virginia type than Spanish type. Due to growth habits, some upper pods may have earlier maturity than lower pods. 2.Peanuts grown in 30 cm of space-in-row had higher pod weight and number per plant than those in 10 cm of space- in-row. However, peanuts grown in 10cm of space-in-row had significant higher pod and seed yield per hectare than those in 30cm of space-in-row. 3.The maturing pods usually were less than 70% for four genotypes grown in both spring and fall crop seasons. For the Spanish type peanuts, 108-115 days after first bloom stage in spring or 88-95 days after first bloom stage in fall is the most appropriate harvest date. As for the Virgina type peanuts, the most appropriate harvest date is about 115 days and 95 days after first bloom stage in sprint and fall, separately. 4.Higher oil content was found in the well maturing peanuts and in the spring season. However, protein content was slightly affected by the change of harvest date.
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