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標題: Methylation microarray analysis of late-stage ovarian carcinomas distinguishes progression-free survival in patients and identifies candidate epigenetic markers
作者: Susan, H.Wei
Chen, Chuan-Mu
Strathdee, Gordon
Harnsomburana, Jaturon
Shyu, Chi-Ren
Rahmatpanah, Farahnaz
Shi, Huidong
Ng, Shu-Wing
Pearlly, S.Yan
Kenneth, P.Nephew
Brown, Robert
Huang2, Tim Hui-Ming
出版社: Denville, NJ : The Association
摘要: PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to profile methylation alterations of CpG islands in ovarian tumors and to identify candidate markers for diagnosis and prognosis of the disease. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN: A global analysis of DNA methylation using a novel microarray approach called differential methylation hybridization was performed on 19 patients with stage III and IV ovarian carcinomas. RESULTS: Hierarchical clustering identified two groups of patients with distinct methylation profiles. Tumors from group 1 contained high levels of concurrent methylation, whereas group 2 tumors had lower tumor methylation levels. The duration of progression-free survival after chemotherapy was significantly shorter for patients in group 1 compared with group 2 (P < 0.001). Differential methylation in tumors was independently confirmed by methylation-specific PCR. CONCLUSIONS: The data suggest that a higher degree of CpG island methylation is associated with early disease recurrence after chemotherapy. The differential methylation hybridization assay also identified a select group of CpG island loci that are potentially useful as epigenetic markers for predicting treatment outcome in ovarian cancer patients.
ISSN: 1078-0432
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