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標題: Mitochondrial energy metabolism in young bamboo rhizomes from Bambusa oldhamii and Phyllostachys edulis during shooting stage
作者: Chien, Lee-Feng
Wu, Yuan-Chin
Chen, Hui-Ping
關鍵字: Bamboo mitochondria
摘要: The energy metabolism of mitochondria in young rhizomes of the bamboo species Bambusa oldhamii, which favors shooting during the summer, and Phyllostachys edulis, which favors shooting during the winter, was characterized. The mitochondrial energy-converting system was clarified in terms of respiratory activity and structural organization. The respiration rates were measured at 15, 28, and 42 degrees C by NADH, succinate, and malate oxidation. NADH was shown to act as an efficient substrate regardless of the temperature. The structural organization of functional mitochondrial respiratory supercomplexes was studied using blue native PAGE and in-gel activity staining. In both species, almost 90% of the total complex I was assembled into supercomplexes, and P. edulis contained a greater amount of complex-I-comprising supercomplexes than B. oldhamii. Approximately 50% of complex III and 75% of complex V were included in supercomplexes, whereas P edulis mitochondria possessed a greater amount of complex-V-comprising supercomplexes. The alternative oxidase (AOX), plant mitochondrial uncoupling protein (PUCP), plant mitochondrial potassium channel (PmitoK(ATP)), rotenone-insensitive external/internal NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase [NDH(e/i)], and superoxide dismutase (SOD) activities of the energy-dissipating systems were investigated. P. edulis mitochondria had higher levels of the PUCP1 and AOX1 proteins than B. oldhamii mitochondria. The activity of PmitoK(ATP) in P edulis was higher than that in B. oldhamii. However, P. edulis mitochondria possessed lower NDH(e/i) and SOD activities than B. oldhamii mitochondria. The results suggest that the adaptation of P. edulis to a cooler environment may correlate with its greater abundance of functional mitochondrial supercomplexes and the higher energy-dissipating capacity of its AOX. PUCP and PmitoK(ATP) relative to B. oldhamii. (C) 2011 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.
ISSN: 0981-9428
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