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標題: The Smallest Pair of Non-crossing Paths in a Rectilinear Polygon
作者: C.D.Yang
出版社: IEEE Computer Society Washington, DC, USA
摘要: Smallest rectilinear paths are rectilinear paths with a minimum number of bends and with a minimum length simultaneously. In this paper given two pairs of terminals within a rectilinear polygon, we derive an algorithm to find a pair of non-crossing rectilinear paths within the polygon such that the total number of bends and the total length are both minimized. Although a smallest rectilinear path between two terminals in a rectilinear polygon always exists, we show that such a smallest pair may not exist for some problem instances. In that case the algorithm presented will either find among all non-crossing paths with a minimum total number of bends, a pair whose total length is the shortest, or find among all non-crossing paths with a minimum total length, a pair whose total number of bends is minimized. We provide a simple linear time and space algorithm based on the fact that there are only a limited number of configurations of such a solution pair.
ISSN: 0018-9340
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