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標題: 探討神經細胞內驅動蛋白於外加負載下之移動
A Study on Kinesin Motion with External Load in the Neuron
作者: 陳姿君
Chen, Zi-Jun
關鍵字: Kinesin
Molecular motor
出版社: 化學工程學系所
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摘要: 隨著醫學技術的進步,許多針對神經退化性疾病的研究指出,神經系統的疾病常會伴隨著神經細胞之軸突傳輸異常的發生,這些問題都有可能使神經細胞因衰竭而死亡,或是神經傳遞物質無法順利傳送。因此這個研究的目的在於,利用模擬神經細胞軸突內馬達蛋白的傳輸方式,來探討軸突傳輸的問題。本研究結合Xie與Lin的數學模型,制定出新的統馭方程式。延續Lin所使用的主要假設條件,與其所設定出的ATP統馭方程式;並參考Xie對ATP濃度及負載程度的討論,將其代入先前建立的方程組,制訂一個新的統馭方程。為簡化問題所以本實驗將方程組簡化為單向之主動運輸,模擬其傳輸效應,並以生物角度解釋粒子的濃度分布情形,再針對平均運動速度及平均步進長度均受ATP濃度與負載程度的影響加以討論。
As advances in biomedical technology, many studies of neurodegenerative disease show that axon's transportations of nerve cells is abnormal because of neuron disease, its might have apoptosis, or the failure of transportation. Therefore, to know the transportation in the axonal by mathematical model is the intent of this study. We combined the model of Xie and Lin, and derived the new governing equations. To simplify problems, we only considered unidirectional movement, and simulated transport phenomena, and explained the concentration distribution of particles in biological point of view. And to discuss the mean run velocity and the mean run length with ATP concentration and load is very important.
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