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標題: 電容式射頻微機電開關之設計與製作
Design and Fabrication of Capacitive RF MEMS Switch
作者: 張松濤
chang, sung tao
關鍵字: 射頻微機電
出版社: 精密工程研究所
摘要: 摘要 本論文針對Tilmans等人在2001年提出之電容並聯式射頻微機電開關做進一步的探討分析及設計製作的改良。針對此電容並聯式射頻微機電開關機械特性的分析與模擬方面,我們利用商用軟體ANSYS研究此電容並聯式射頻微機電開關的位移及自然共振頻率,之後以高頻電性軟體HFSS來模擬預測此射頻微機電開關之插入損耗及隔離特性。經由改良設計後,此微機電開關驅動電壓為15伏特,在40GHz操作頻率下,插入損失為0.9dB,隔離度在6.7~26.5GHz時皆大於20dB。在製作方面,我們利用微機電技術成功地將此射頻微機電開關由原本五道光罩製程,縮減成四道光罩製程,提升了製程的良率與減低製作成本。
Abstract In this thesis, we present a improvement capacitive RF MEMS shunt switch which presented by Timans in 2001. After improving the design, we analyze and simulate of electricity and mechanical characteristic to this RF MEMS switch. In analysis and simulation, we use ANSYS to study displacement and nature resonance frequency, and HFSS to predict the insertion loss and isolation of the RF MEMS switch. The actuation voltage of the switch is 14V. The best rf performance shows insertion loss of less than 0.9dB for all frequencies up to 40GHz and isolation of greater than 20dB from 6.7GHz to 26.5GHz. In experiment, we successful use the MEMS technology to fabricate the RF MEMS switch reducing the processes from five masks to four masks.
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