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標題: 可變焦液體透鏡之製程研發
Development of Fabrication Method for Tunable Liquid Microlens
作者: 丁群修
Ting, Chun-Hsiu
關鍵字: Tunable Liquid Microlens
PDMS Bonding
出版社: 精密工程研究所
摘要: 本研究在於表述一個簡易之方法製作可變焦透鏡,利用PDMS之彈性及高度可複製性的優點,來作為此變焦透鏡之主體。主要步驟為利用微影製程製作出結構,接著利用PDMS翻模,而翻模後的結構就形成流道及儲存液體之腔體,接著再製作一片PDMS之塊狀底材,再將兩片PDMS結構互相接合,利用固化劑及高溫烘烤以達到接合目的。待黏結密封之後裁切適當的部分來作為變焦透鏡之主體。最後利用微幫浦灌入流體,或是配合微致動器來精確控制流量,利用流體的體積大小來改變PDMS薄膜的變形程度,以達到所要求的焦距變化。本研究之特點在於接合一次,可有效減少不必要之接合縫隙所造成的液體外漏,也不需要氧電漿接合或蝕刻製程,能有效降低成本,達到量產所需,而本實驗也做出直徑2000μm透鏡來做探討。
This invention is to describe a simple method to fabricate variable-focus lens by using PDMS as the principal part of this variable-focus lens due to the advantage of elasticity and highly reproductivity. The major step is to fabricate microstructure as a mold by utilizing photolithography process and then to use PDMS to cast over the mold. The cured PDMS is peeled off from the mold, which is to become the microchannel and circular chamber. Making a piece of PDMS as a substrate is the second step. To reach the goal of assemblage, the way is to make the two PDMS structure bond together by using PDMS glue in the oven. After that, it is necessary to trim proper section as the principal part of this variable-focus lens. Finally, using micro pump to inject microfluidics, or cooperating micro actuator to control flow rate precisely, changes the deformation of PDMS film by microfluidic volume in order to achieve variable focal length that wanted. There are some characteristics of this study. One is completely using PDMS as final structure. It is not anxious that the structure will break to damage another device in the component. Another one is only bonding once that can effectively reduce leakage caused by unnecessary bonding crack. In addition, it doesn't need oxygen plasma treatment or etching process, which is able to effectively reduce the cost to get mass production. By the way, in this experiment, the diameter 2000 μm focus is also made for investigation.
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