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標題: 三重推動力新型分離晶片平台
Triplex-Pumping CD-Like Microfludic Platform with Parabolic Microchannels
作者: 張峻豪
關鍵字: 生物晶片
出版社: 精密工程研究所
摘要: 電場力與離心力乃是最常被人使用之毛細電泳晶片驅動力,離心力主要應用於離心分離晶片,電場力則是在電泳晶片。離心力分離晶片因可同時處理較大量不同之樣本,其應用已逐漸引起重視,傳統之離心力分離晶片大抵使用十字形微流道作為樣本分離之管道,電滲流與摩擦力乃是影響分離效率之主要因素,其中因科氏力所導致之摩擦力在轉速較高時愈發明顯。結合電場力與離心力之雙推力機制可降低電滲流之影響,而考量離心力與科氏力合力方向之拋物線型微流道,亦可有效將科氏力轉換成推動力而降低磨擦阻力。 本研究提出整合電場力、離心力與科氏力為三重推動力之新型分離晶片系統平台,以有效提升晶片之分離效果。在此一新平台中,我們先以熱傳公式推導樣本流速與流道尺寸之關係,再以電腦模擬樣本在電場力、離心力與科氏力之作用下之磨擦力最小軌跡,然後設計最小摩擦力之拋物線型流道圖案,接著製作導電層金屬光罩與微流道光罩,再將導電層蒸鍍於壓克力上,再以曝光顯影製作拋物線型JSR光阻微流道於導電層上,完成分離晶片。 實驗結果證明本研究所提出之三重推動力新型分離晶片平台,可在更短之流道與更快之時間完成樣本之分離。
Centrifugal force and electric field force are the commonly used driving gear for electrophoresis based biomedical separation systems. The centrifugal force is implemented in the CD-like diagnostic systems; while the electric field force is mainly adopted in the chip-based capillary electrophoresis systems. Due to the ability to process multi-reactions simultaneously, the centrifugal force driving CD-like diagnostic platform is gaining more attentions from both the academia and the industrial community. In this research, we propose a novel CD-like multi-channel electrophoresis based biomedical separation system that is driven by the interactions of the centrifugal force, the electric field force, and the Coriolis force. In this novel platform, heat-conduction theory is implemented to formulate the relations between the sample velocity and the dimension of the microchannel. The parabola microchannel that has the least friction force under triplex-pumping forces is determined by computer simulations. The centrifugal force control of this system is realized through the velocity control of a DC servo motor, while the electric field is governed through multi-stage potential circuits, which are suitably designed and fabricated by sputtering on metal mask method, can be adjusted to provide multi-stage voltages.
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