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標題: 新型色散式太陽能電池集光器之設計與模擬
Design and Simulation of a New Type Dispersive Solar Cell Concentrator
作者: 王慶文
Wang, Ching Wen
關鍵字: solar cell
出版社: 精密工程學系所
引用: [1] 劉博文,”半導體元件物理”,高立圖書有限公司,2003 [2] 聚光型太陽能電池, [3] 林萬成,碩士論文”擬蜂巢式太陽能電池模組化技術之研究”,國立成功大學電機工程學系,指導教授:陳建富 梁從主,民國93年6月。 [4] 李科
摘要: 近年來,從太陽能源發展的趨勢來看,太陽能電池發展看重的是它的轉換效率,最早發明出的單晶矽的太陽能電池轉換效率可以達到13~24%,多晶矽的轉換效率約在10~15%,而非晶矽的轉換效率在5~10%左右。雖然矽材料的太陽能電池具有較低成本優勢,其最佳轉換效率卻一直沒有很高,後來又發明了利用半導體化合物(如砷化鎵)或者是多接面太陽能電池提高電池的轉換效率,到現今為止已經成功的達到30%的轉換效率。但為了提高效率往往忽略掉一些因數,如多接面太陽能電池能帶內與半導體能隙的能量差,會造成溫度的增加而產生熱能,本研究為了克服此問題,設計一新型色散式太陽能電池集光器,能將太陽光的波長分開,再取適當能隙的半導體材料來當太陽能電池,以減少熱能的產生,相較傳統非色散式集光器,轉換效率可提升10%左右。
Recently the solar cell energy is one of the most important green energy technologies in the world and the key issue is to in crease its trans form efficiency. Usually the efficiency for single crystal, poly silicon and amorphous silicon can reach about 13-24%, 10-15% and 5-10% respectively. In order to improve the efficiency further, the compound semiconductor method and multi-junction solar cell have been developed such that the efficiency can attain over 30%. However, the energy difference between the incident photons and the energy gap of material causes the lattice vibration and heat generation, thus the efficiency is reduced. To overcome this difficulty this thesis propose a new type dispersive solar cell contractor which can disperse the solar spectrum in space and consequently the energy usage can be improved by selecting material with proper band gap placed in suitable position. Compared with the conventional non-dispersive collector, this new dispersive one can increase the efficiency by 10%.
其他識別: U0005-2207201115013600
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