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標題: Photovoltaic properties of bulk heterojunction solar cells incorporating 2-hydroxylethyl- and fullerene-functionalized conjugated polymers
作者: Lee, Rong-Ho
Lee, Liang-Yuan
關鍵字: Maleimide-thiophene copolymer
Photovoltaic property
Polymer solar cell
出版社: Springer
摘要: We have synthesized a series of maleimide- thiophene copolymers presenting pendent 2-hydroxylethyl and fullerene units for use as photo-energy conversion materials in polymer solar cells (PSCs), which we fabricated from blends of these maleimide-thiophene copolymers and the fullerene derivative [6, 6]-phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester (PCBM). A too-homogenous distribution of the 2-hydroxylethyl-functionalized copolymer and PCBM inhibited charge separation and transport in the photoactive layer. Introducing fullerenes as pendent units of the copolymer promoted the formation of phase-separated interpenetrating networks with sizable PCBM domains in the photoactive layer, favorable for transporting charges to the electrodes. The photovoltaic performance and operational stability of PSCs based on the fullerene-functionalized copolymer/PCBM blends were superior to those based on the hydroxyethyl-functionalized copolymer/PCBM blends.
ISSN: 0303-402X
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