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標題: Preparation of Porous Polymethyl Methacrylate/Organo-Montmorillonite Composite Membranes for Phenolic Compound Adsorption
作者: Lin, Ray-Yi
Chen, Bang-Shuo
Suen, Shing-Yi
關鍵字: adsorption
composite membrane
polymethyl methacrylate
出版社: Taylor & Francis Group
摘要: The preparation of porous poly(methyl methacrylate)/ organo-montmorillonite composite membranes for adsorption application was carried out via entrapment methods. The sponge-like membrane structure was characterized by a scanning electron microscope, whereas the X-ray diffraction, Fourier transform infrared, and thermogravimetric analyses confirmed the incorporation of organo-clays inside the composite membranes. To investigate the applicability of the composite membranes on phenolic compound adsorption, batch-mode adsorption of p-nitrophenol at 0.025 mg/mL was conducted. The optimum feed organo-clay/ polymer ratio was 0.3 for the membrane prepared by the emulsion polymerization method, and in this case 75% of p-nitrophenol was adsorbed after 34 h. 80% methanol was selected as the desorbent for its high ability to desorb p-nitrophenol from the composite membrane. The membrane performance in the flow process was similar to the batch result, and the adsorption/desorption cycle was successfully repeated three times.
ISSN: 0149-6395
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