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標題: 氮化鎵發光二極體失效分析之研究
Failure Analysis of GaN Light-Emitting Diodes
作者: 程于任
Cheng, Yu -Jen
關鍵字: leakage current
working voltage
low brightness
metallic pad different color
cutting badly
metallic pad peeling
unable to wire-bonding
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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摘要: LED產業是未來各界所期待的產業,以光電半導體工業的發展趨勢來看,提升亮度與維持良好品質是必要的。針對發光二極體廠商所常遇見的問題,做異常點分析,分為兩大類-電性部分及外觀部分做介紹,並加以歸納整理。 經由電性量測及化性分析所得到的打線偏移、打線壓力過大、mesa線未蝕刻乾淨、靜電造成晶粒的受損、打線金球過大、變質的環氧樹脂沉澱及螢光粉殘留、老化壽命測試,或由外觀檢驗分析晶粒上兩金屬墊顏色不同、劈片時造成的暗崩線、晶粒排列正負極方向不一。表面有殘膠不明物、重複打線、焊線太短。金屬墊剝落等現象。 由於上述之現象,會造成電性上有漏電流、工作電壓、亮度不夠,外觀上有金屬墊顏色異常、切割不良、排列不整、金屬墊脫落、無法打線等問題,建立起客訴發生問題與異常現象的圖檔資料,以便將此類的問題能夠有一個判斷方向進而迅速分析,經由本研究建立之圖檔。針對這些客訴的處理及問題點做改善,讓客訴案件原先從一個月的27件降到約10件,對客戶的回覆時間也從6天縮短至3.5天。除此之外希望對於提升分析異常點的判斷能力,能有效的改善與解決。提供最好的品質、最佳的服務、最先進的技術、最具競爭力的價格給客戶。
This paper discusses the failure analysis and consists of electrical characterization and appearance category on some failed issues of LED chipmaker. According to failed analysis, some issues were following: wire-bonding shift, etching residue of mesa line, chip damage caused by electro-static discharge, and reliability test issue. Nevertheless, the characteristic failure of chip's appearance are different metallic pads, crack line resulted from wafer break and P, N pad of chip upside-down rank. The complained reasons of LED are usually unidentified glue residue on the chip's surface, metallic pad peeling. The above research, chip that electrical failure caused by leakage current, working voltage and low brightness problems; in addition to appearance issues of chip are metallic pad different color and peeling, cutting badly, displacement and unable to wire-bonding onto the pad. The purpose of thesis is to establish a detailed reference to provide for approach to get analytical result rapidly regarding customer's complaint. Complaint of customer could be reduced to 6 from 27 cases per month by means of quality improvement. Meanwhile, the root cause finding replied to customer side also shrunk to 3.5 from 6 days. The best quality, the best service, the most advanced technology, the most competitive price to the customer is goal for every company.
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