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標題: 以微電鍍製程製作之梳狀致動器
Fabrication of a Comb Drive Actuator by Electroplating
作者: 蔡清源
Tsai, Ching-Yuan
關鍵字: Comb drive actuator
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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摘要: 本論文探討一梳狀致動器的設計與製作,並利用有限元素法分析其應力分布情形,探討是否會使所設計之梳狀致動器產生破壞。在製程上,使用玻璃為基板,利用濺鍍製程並且使用電鍍製程來製作所設計之梳狀致動器,且在種子層的選擇上有別於以往進行微電鍍製程時所使用之鉻/金種子層,而採用鉻或鈦來當製程上的種子層,並配合蝕刻技術釋放結構以達到懸空目的,以解決製程實行上所遭遇之問題,所提出之製程不僅適用在玻璃基板製作梳狀致動器,更可利用此製程來製作各種微結構。 關鍵字:梳狀致動器、電鍍
Design and fabrication of a comb drive actuator is investigated. We used finite element analysis to investigate the stress distribution and make sure the comb drive will not break down when working. Glass was used as the substrate to ensure the isolation between electrodes. The surface micromachining processes with sputtering and electroplating were used to fabricate the comb drive actuator. The choice of seed layer is different from the traditional processes. We used chromium or titanium instead of Cr/Au. Finally, wet etching technique is used to release the structure. This process is also possible to fabricate other microstructures. Keywords: Comb drive actuator, Electroplating
其他識別: U0005-2108200715352800
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