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標題: Effect of Sn Grain Orientation on the Cu6Sn5 Formation in a Sn-Based Solder Under Current Stressing
作者: Lin, Chih-Fan
Lee, Shang-Hua
Chen, Chih-Ming
摘要: A SnAgCu-based solder stripe between two Cu electrodes is current stressed with a density of 59104 A/cm2 at 393 K (120 C). After current stressing for 24 hours, electromigration induces the Cu dissolution from the cathode-side Cu electrode, leading to the Cu6Sn5 formation in the solder stripe. Very interestingly, the Cu6Sn5 phase is selectively formed within a specific Sn grain. Electron backscattering diffraction analysis indicates the crystallographic orientations of Sn grains play an important role in the selective Cu6Sn5 formation.
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