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標題: 亮點改善之複合式入光結構導光板光學設計與模擬
Optical Design and Simulation for the Composite Structure of Light Guide Plate Improving Hot Spot Problem
作者: 孫豪辰
Sun, Hao-Chen
關鍵字: Light Guide Plate
hot spot
A/P ratio
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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摘要: 側光式導光板因為LED的點光源特性,中央的發光強度最大。當光線耦合進入導光板時,因入光行程短及LED間距大,若入光處不做任何的處理,則在導光板上會看到LED所造成之亮暗不均的熱點現象,所以淡化熱點為目前急需解決之問題。 本論文提出一新式入光結構,利用光學模擬軟體SPEOS在入光處設計複合角度的V-CUT,並於導光板特定位置前置凹槽,藉由V-CUT及凹槽設計使光線能達到更廣的角度。在凹槽面上適度佈點,讓光線得以重新分布將熱點現象改善。最後在A/P比為0.15的情況下,成功將均勻度從36.4%提升至76.3%。
In edge lighting light guide plate (LGP), because of the point source characteristics of LED, the luminous intensity at the center is the largest. When the light is coupled into LGP, due to the short distance between the source and the scattering area, hot spots problem will appear on LGP, if we don't have any treatment in front of LGP. Thus it is urgent to solve this problem at present. A novel type of composite structure is proposed in this thesis, using optical simulation software SPEOS in the design of composite angle of V-CUT and specific location on groove. By composite angle of V-CUT and groove design, it allows more light to reach wide angle. There are some arranged dots on the surface of the groove, which can improve the distribution of light and reduce the hot spot phenomenon. Finally, in A/P ratio equals 0.15 case, this scheme successfully enhances the uniformity from 36.4% to 76.3%.
其他識別: U0005-2207201015253600
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