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標題: 一個OUNBS變幅桿之設計與分析
Design and analysis of a open-uniform nonrational B-spline horn
作者: 詹博鈞
Chan, Po Chuan
關鍵字: B-spline曲線
B-Spline horn
Ultrasonic actuation
Displacement amplification
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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摘要: 本文提出一個新的超音波變幅桿的設計,超音波的高頻振動是由壓電振動子將高週波電能轉換為機械能所產生,由於壓電振動子所輸出的位移量很小,因此,需要藉由連結變幅桿來放大壓電振動子的振幅,超音波變幅桿設計的好壞會嚴重影響到振幅的放大效果,因此本文應用於位移放大之變幅桿的輪廓是一個B-spline型曲線。變幅桿設計是利用一個演化遺傳演化運算法,並且搭配有限元素分析進行最佳化設計。本研究以數值加工方式製作所設計之變幅角,對照實驗之頻域分析結果與模擬之結果,驗證了此設計方式的有效性。在相同的長度和直徑下,所提出的變幅桿放大位移高於一般的Bézier和Catenoidal。
A new horn for high displacement amplification is developed. The profile of the horn is a open uniform nonrational B-Spline curve. The ultrasonic actuation of the horn exploits the first longitudinal displacement mode of the horn. The horn is designed by an optimization scheme. Prototypes of the horns are manufactured by a numerical control machining process. Performances of the proposed horn were evaluated by experiments. Experimental results of the fabricated horn confirm the effectiveness of the design method. The displacement amplification of the proposed horn is higher than that of the traditional catenoidal and Bézier horn with the same length and end surface diameters.
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