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標題: Assessing debris-flow hazard in a watershed in Taiwan
作者: Lin, P.S.
Lin, J.Y.
Hung, J.C.
Yang, M.D.
關鍵字: debris flow
geographic information system
hazard assessment
期刊/報告no:: Engineering Geology, Volume 66, Issue 3-4, Page(s) 295-313.
摘要: This paper presents the results of a pilot study for assessing debris-flow hazards using geographic information system (GIS) techniques. The watershed of the Chen-Yu-Lan River is investigated in this pilot study. Factors that are believed to be critical to the occurrence of debris flow are identified and considered in the assessment of debris-flow hazards. Using the spatial analysis feature of GIS, the impact of these factors, expressed in terms of debris-flow hazard (DH) index, is calculated. By taking a simple summation of all DH indexes according to each factor, the overall debris-flow hazard at a particular watershed may be assessed. The applicability of the proposed approach for analyzing the watershed of the Chen-Yu-Lan River has been confirmed with the field observations in a recent typhoon event. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
ISSN: 0013-7952
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