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標題: Electrolytic Deposition of Collagen/HA Composite on Post HA/TiO2 Coated Ti6Al4V Implant Alloy
作者: Yang, Chi-Chuan
Huang, Chiang-Yu
Lin, Chien-Chung
Yen, Shiow-Kang
出版社: The Electrochemical Society
摘要: Previously in our laboratory, electrolytic hydroxyapatite _HA_TiO2 composite coatings have been successfully developed to improve the bioactivity and the bonding strength between Ti alloy and bone tissue. In this study, the top layer composed of collagen/HA composite was further deposited on post bioceramic _HATiO2_ coated Ti alloy in order to improve bioactivity, the initial cell proliferation, and finally the osteointegration. Through X-ray diffraction, Fourier transform infrared, scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive spectroscopy, inductively coupled plasma, electrochemical polarization tests, immersion tests, and cell culture including methyl thiazole tetrazolium and alkaline phosphatase assays, it was found that only the collagen could not be solely deposited by an electrochemical method, but it had been done with the codeposited HA; unstable octacalcium phosphate _OCP_ was not found because the previous bioceramic coating preferred HA to OCP. The further deposition of the composite revealed the enhancing effects on bioactivity, proliferation, differentiation, and mineralization because the collagen contained in the composite not only retarded the ion release from the substrate but also provided an amino group to attract a biological protein for the first two, and the stable HA offered the excellent environment for the last two.
ISSN: 0013-4651
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