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標題: Nanoindentating mechanical responses and interfacial adhesion strength of electrochemically deposited copper film
作者: Chang, S.Y.
Chang, T.K.
Lee, Y.S.
關鍵字: thin-films
期刊/報告no:: Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Volume 152, Issue 10, Page(s) C657-C663.
摘要: The nanomechanical responses and interface adhesion of electrochemically plated copper (Cu) film have been investigated for the evaluation of interconnect reliability. The hardness and elastic modulus of the Cu film were measured by nanoindentation test as about 2.1 and 120 GPa, respectively. A dislocation burst phenomenon was observed and revealed the initiation of plastic deformation of the Cu film. The converted true stress-strain curve provided a stress criterion of 9.3 GPa for the plastic yielding of the Cu film. Besides, the creep behavior was also analyzed under nanoindentation test and showed a power law expression with a creep stress exponent of about 22. Moreover, the interfacial adhesion strength and delamination behavior between the Cu film and silicon carbide (SiC) etch stop layer have been studied using a four-point bending test. During delamination, cracks irregularly propagated along the Cu/SiC interface with blocking by the ductile Cu film. The fracture energy release rate for the delamination of Cu/SiC interface was measured as around 2-10 J/m(2), affected by SiC deposition condition and testing parameter. (c) 2005 The Electrochemical Society.
ISSN: 0013-4651
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