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標題: A user authentication system using back-propagation network
作者: Lin, I.C.
Ou, H.H.
Hwang, M.S.
關鍵字: back-propagation network
information security
neural network
hash function
user authentication
smart cards
期刊/報告no:: Neural Computing & Applications, Volume 14, Issue 3, Page(s) 243-249.
摘要: Information security has been a critical issue in the field of information systems. One of the key factors in the security of a computer system is how to identify the authorization of users. Password-based user authentication is widely used to authenticate a legitimate user in the current system. In conventional password-based user authentication schemes, a system has to maintain a password table or verification table which stores the information of users' IDs and passwords. Although the one-way hash functions and encryption algorithms are applied to prevent the passwords from being disclosed, the password table or verification table is still vulnerable. In order to solve this problem, in this paper, we apply the technique of back-propagation network instead of the functions of the password table and verification table. Our proposed scheme is useful in solving the security problems that occurred in systems using the password table and verification table. Furthermore, our scheme also allows each user to select a username and password of his/her choice.
ISSN: 0941-0643
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