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標題: Characterization of electrolytic ZrO2 coating on Co-Cr-Mo implant alloys of hip prosthesis
作者: Yen, S.K.
Guo, M.J.
Zan, H.Z.
關鍵字: electrolytic ZrO2 coating
Co-Cr-Mo implant alloy
hip prosthesis
期刊/報告no:: Biomaterials, Volume 22, Issue 2, Page(s) 125-133.
摘要: An electrolytic Zr(OH)(4) gel has been coated on ASTM F-75 Co-Cr-Mo alloy specimens in 0.0625 M ZrO(NO3)(2) solution with pH = 2.2 at a current density of 2 mA/cm(2). After annealing at 623-973 K for 120 min in air, the ZrO2-coated specimen was evaluated by electrochemical polarization in Hank's solution, wear tests with UHMWPE (Ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene) under a load stress of 50 MPa, scratch tests, surface morphology observations, and XRD analysis. The ZrO2-coated specimen annealed at 773 K for 120 min revealed a good adhesion of 610 MPa on Co-Cr-Mo substrate, a lower wear loss of UHMWPE and a higher protection potential than the uncoated specimen in Hank's solution. A monoclinic structure with ((1) over bar 1 1) preferred orientation parallel to the sheet plane was detected at 623 K less than or equal to T less than or equal to 673 K and a tetragonal structure of ZrO2 was detected at T greater than or equal to 773 K. Then a monoclinic structure with random orientation and a tetragonal structure were mixed at T greater than or equal to 973 K. (C) 2000 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.
ISSN: 0142-9612
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