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標題: Biocompatibility and corrosion Behavior of BaTiO3/TiO2 double layers by electrochemical synthesis
作者: Lin, C.M.
Yen, S.K.
關鍵字: electrolytic
BaTiO3/TiO2 double layers
corrosion resistance
期刊/報告no:: Key Engineering Materials, Volume 309-311, Page(s) 371-374.
摘要: Insufficient bonding of juxtaposed bone to an orthopaedic/dental implant could be caused by material surface properties that do not support new bone growth. For this reason, fabrication of biomaterials surface properties, which support bioactive and corrosion resistance should be one of the key objectives in the design of the next generation of orthopaedic/dental implants. Cathodic electrolytic deposition barium titanate/titanium dioxide (BaTiO3/TiO2) double layers were successfully deposited on titanium substrate in the TiCl4 and Ba(NO3)(2) mixed ethanol solution. After annealing at 450 rectangle for 1 h in the air, the BaTiO3/TiO2 coated specimens were evaluated by dynamic cyclic polarization tests, immersion tests, surface morphology observations, and XRD analyses. The results indicated that BaTiO3/TiO2 double layers provide two advantages: (1) Corrosion resistance: from the dynamic cyclic polarization tests and cross-section results, the anatase TiO2 intermediate coated exhibits dense coated and there had a good interface between the BaTiO3 coated and the substrate, which will be promote the corrosion resistance and avoided metal ions release. (2) Bioactive: from immersion test results, the electrolytic deposition BaTiO3/TiO2 double layers not only provide bioactive, it also expresses good adhesion with substrate.
ISSN: 1013-9826
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