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標題: Analysis of optical waveguides with ultra-thin metal film based on the multidomain pseudospectral frequency-domain method
作者: Chiang, Po-Jui
Chiang, Yen-Chung
Sun, Nai-Hsiang
Hong, Shi-Xi
摘要: Analysis of optical waveguides with thin metal films is studied by the multidomain pseudospectral frequency-domain (PSFD) method. Calculated results for both guiding and leaky modes are precise by means of the PSFD based on Chebyshev-Lagrange interpolating polynomials with modified perfectly matched layer (MPML). By introducing a suitable boundary condition for the dielectric-metallic interface, the stability and the spectrum convergence characteristic of the PSFD-MPML method can be sustained. The comparison of exact solutions of highly sensitive surface plasmon modes in 1D dielectric-metal waveguides and those calculated by our PSFD-MPML demonstrates the validity and usefulness of the proposed method. We also apply the method to calculate the effective refractive indices of an integrated optical waveguide with deposition of the finite gold metal layer which induces the hybrid surface plasmon modes. Furthermore, the 2-D optical structures with gold films are investigated to exhibit hybrid surface plasmon modes of wide variations. We then apply hybrid surface plasmon modes to design novel optical components-mode selective devices and the polarizing beam splitter.
ISSN: 1094-4087
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