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標題: Fabrication of AlLi and Al2Li3/Al4Li9 intermetallic compounds by molten salt electrolysis and their application for hydrogen generation from water
作者: Lin, Meng-Chang
Uan, Jun-Yen
Tsai, Te-Chang
關鍵字: Hydrogen Aluminum
Molten salt
摘要: The concept of “hydrogen on demand” has been widely publicized. More importantly, the materials used to produce hydrogen on demand should be in themselves safe to handle. In present work, AleLi intermetallic compounds (IMC) were fabricated in air by electrolysis from LiCleKCl molten salt at 480 25 C. Bulk AlLi IMC and the bulk compound with mixture of Al2Li3 and Al4Li9 (Al2Li3/Al4Li9 IMC) were not pyrophoric and can be safely handled in air. When both compounds in contact with water, vigorous reaction occurred and H2 was directly produced. The by-products after H2 generation from AlLi IMC were a mixture of Li-containing a-Al and LieAl hydrotalcite (hereafter referred to as LieAl LDH). The by-product after H2 generation from Al2Li3/Al4Li9 compound was a mixture of LiOH$H2O and LieAl LDH. Those by-products can be easily separated from water and may be reused as a resource. Approximately 500e860 ml of H2 per weight (g) of the IMC compounds was generated in deionized water at room temperature. Experimentally, AlLi IMC powder and Al2Li3/Al4Li9 compound exhibit gravimetric hydrogen capacity of 7.0 wt.% and 5.4 wt.%, respectively. Although the energy consumed for fabricating AleLi IMC compounds is a little larger than the energy provided by the generated H2, the AleLi IMC compounds are promising materials for producing hydrogen on demand without the necessity of hydrogen storage.
ISSN: 0360-3199
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