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標題: MFXRLS-based adaptive feed-forward controller implemented with velocity sensor identified by frequency response to improve actuator speaker performance in ANC systems
作者: Liao, C.W.
Lin, J.Y.
關鍵字: dual voice coil speaker
speaker face velocity sensor
active noise
modify filtered-X recursive-least-squares
acoustic duct system
期刊/報告no:: Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, Volume 29, Issue 5, Page(s) 883-891.
摘要: To improve performance of a "dual voice coil" (DVC) actuator speaker in an active noise control (ANC) system, a speaker model that includes coupling dynamics and source of noise pressure is first derived to design an adaptive feed-forward controller based on modified, filtered-X, recursive-least-squares (MFXRLS) algorithm in this investigation. A novel velocity sensor measuring velocity of the speaker face is further developed by use of a frequency-response method. Two transfer functions required for the velocity sensor are identified in two steps: (i) the adaptive feed-forward controller is applied to keep speaker face velocity zero to identify the first transfer function; and (ii) the second transfer function is then obtained experimentally using the first transfer function. Performance of the established velocity sensor is similar to that of a Polytec OFV2100 laser velocity transducer. This velocity sensor is then incorporated with the adaptive feed-forward controller to control the DVC actuator speaker in the ANC system. For a sinusoidal command input of frequency below 390 Hz, the controlled speaker acquires a unit-gain magnitude and zero phase degree, showing that the controller can effectively reduce effects of the speaker dynamics, including coupling dynamics.
ISSN: 0253-3839
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