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標題: Performance comparison of dwarf laying hens segregating for the naked neck gene in temperate and subtropical environments
作者: Chen, C.F.
Gourichon, D.
Huang, N.Z.
Lee, Y.P.
Bordas, A.
Tixier-Boichard, M.
關鍵字: high ambient-temperature
clutch length
期刊/報告no:: Genetics Selection Evolution, Volume 41.
摘要: This study compares laying performances between two environments of dwarf laying hen lines segregating for the naked neck mutation (NA locus), a selected dwarf line of brown-egg layers and its control line. Layers with one of the three genotypes at the NA locus were produced from 11 sires from the control line and 12 sires from the selected line. Two hatches produced 216 adult hens in Taiwan and 297 hens in France. Genetic parameters for laying traits were estimated in each environment and the ranking of sire breeding values was compared between environments. Laying performance was lower, and mortality was higher in Taiwan than in France. The line by environment interaction was highly significant for body weight at 16 weeks, clutch length and egg number, with or without Box-Cox transformation. The selected line was more sensitive to environmental change but in Taiwan it could maintain a higher egg number than the control line. Estimated heritability values in the selected line were higher in France than in Taiwan, but not for all the traits in the control line. The rank correlations between sire breeding values were low within the selected line and slightly higher in the control line. A few sire families showed a good ranking in both environments, suggesting that some families may adapt better to environmental change.
ISSN: 0999-193X
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