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標題: (Nematology, 07(5):713-725)Differentiation of the Xiphinema americanum-group nematodes X. brevicollum, X. incognitum, X.diffusum and X. oxycaudatum in Taiwan by morphometrics and nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences
作者: Diann Yih CHEN
Hui Fang NI
Jyh Herng YEN
Yung Hsiung CHENG
Tung Tsuan TSAY
關鍵字: genes genetic variation
  intergenic DNA
  morphometrics nematode juveniles 
 nucleotide sequences
  plant parasitic nematodes  
plant pests
  ribosomal DNA
出版社: Netherlands:Brill
Appears in Collections:植物病理學系



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