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標題: 交叉拉桿對施工架支撐能力之影響研究(I)
Influence of Crossing Rods on the Load-Carrying Capacity of Construction Scaffolding (I)
作者: 黃玉麟
關鍵字: 應用研究
door-typed scaffolding
construction scaffolding
load-carrying capacity
failure mode
摘要: 鋼管門型鷹架可以作支撐架使用,亦可以作施工架使用,本研究主要在探討作為施工架用途時之支撐能力問題。台灣門型鷹架標準搭設方式之支撐能力,大致上已獲致相當研究成果,但台灣工地現場為了施工需要常常將施工架一面之交叉拉桿全部或部分予以拆除,因此對支撐能力與破壞模式產生影響,本研究即在探討這部分之影響。本計畫之研究期程擬編列兩年,第一年之研究工作主要以分析工作為主,以ANSYS 軟體為工具進行結構模擬分析工作,以三維之雙排施工架結構模式模擬施工架系統,分析台灣工地常見施工方式下之支撐能力及破壞模式,例如模擬交叉拉桿標準裝置方式、交叉拉桿單面全部未裝置方式及交叉拉桿單面部分未裝置方式等,模擬解析不同交叉拉桿施工方式對施工架支撐能力及破壞模式之影響。第二年之研究工作,將以兩片三層之施工架,進行較小規模但為實尺寸之壓壞試驗,也是針對不同之施工方式例如交叉拉桿全部都裝置、交叉拉桿單面全部未裝置及交叉拉桿單面部分未裝置等情況進行試驗,求得不同交叉拉桿施工方式對施工架支撐能力及破壞模式影響之試驗結果。第二年之研究工作尚包含以試驗結果調整修正第一年之結構分析模式。由於大規模之施工架試驗,無論是設備上或經費上,都有其實際施行之難度,本研究以較小規模之試驗去修正結構分析模式,再以此修正後之分析模式去探討大規模施工架之各種問題,應有一定程度之可靠性。
The door-typed scaffolding can be used as shoring scaffolding orconstruction scaffolding. The main purpose of this project is to study thesubject of construction scaffolding. In Taiwan, the load-carrying capacity of ashoring scaffolding system set up following the standard procedures basicallyhas been developed to a certain extent. But, the construction scaffolding is nottotally the same as the shoring scaffolding, like some of the crossing rods arenot set up in the construction scaffolding. That will affect the load-carryingcapacities and the failure modes of the construction scaffoldings. This project isto study how these factors affect.The period of this study is planed to be 2 years. In the first year, the majorwork will be the analytical work in which a 3-dimension scaffolding model willbe set to simulate all of construction ways to setup scaffoldings in Taiwan- suchas having crossing rods everywhere or not everywhere. In this year, how theconstruction ways affect the load-carrying capacities and the failure modes willbe studied analytically.In the second year, the experiments will be performed. Some two-piecethree-story scaffoldings will be tested in different setting up ways- such as alsohaving crossing rods everywhere or not everywhere. How different setting upways to affect the load-carrying capacities and the failure patterns will bestudied experimentally in this year. In addition, the test results will be used tomodify the analytical model to make it more reliable. In fact, a large and realscale scaffolding experiment is almost impossible to perform no matter for thesake of equipment or funds. An analytical method which has been modified bysome small-size tests could offer a practical way.
其他識別: NSC93-2218-E005-036
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