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標題: 台灣地區結構物強震監測系統資料收集及分析
Data Collection and Analysis of Structural Strong Motion Instrumentation System in Taiwan
作者: 林其璋
關鍵字: 應用研究
土木水利工程類, 地球科學類
Structural Strong Motion Instrumentation
摘要: 地震為台灣地區不可忽視的重大天然災害,為確實監測全台各地結構物受震反應,交通部中央氣象局地震測報中心推動強地動觀測計劃,自民國八十二年起迄今已於台灣地區裝設完成61座結構物(44棟建築物及17橋樑)之強震監測系統,完成一密集強震網之建立以收集各地區地震紀錄。本計畫之目的即在協助交通部中央氣象局,定期辦理結構物監測系統之檢測及資料收集,並於大地震發生後最短時間內前往各測站蒐集地震紀錄,提供實際結構物受震前後之結構動態反應量測紀錄,不僅可以提供國家建設之依據,亦可為國際強震研究建立一完整之資料庫,提昇我國在地震工程研究相關領域之水準。
Seismic Hazard cannot be ignored in Taiwan. To completely monitor the seismic response of structures in Taiwan, a strong-motion instrumentation program was initiated by the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) in 1993. Since then, 61 structures, including 44 buildings and 17 bridges, have been instrumented, forming a strong-motion monitoring network. The purpose of this project is to help CWB to inspect each data acquisition system and collect the earthquake records periodically and at extreme events. The analysis in these project can be the basis of national development as well as the international earthquake database, which can promote the international position of our nation in earthquake engineering field.
其他識別: MOTC-CWB-96-E-22
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