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標題: 附限制條件之多維坐標轉換系統開發之研究
A Develop of Multi-Dimensions Coordinate Transformation System with Constraint Equations
作者: 高書屏
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: 本研究目的是藉由開發限制條件之多維坐標轉換系統,將舊坐標系統經坐標轉換至新坐標系統後,能將面積限制至合理規範範圍內,且不讓精度降低。藉此偵測出傳統坐標轉換所偵測不到的疑義處,讓爾後測量人員執行測量中時,能更有目標性的施測,提昇整體工作效率,並解決一般測量實務應用上坐標系統不一致,導致不易整合的問題,以減少不必要的時間浪費,且能獲得最佳成果,並能將所得成果作為一般測量相關業務之參考與實務應用。
This project is aimed at developing a multi-dimensions coordinate transformation system with constraint equations. After transforming old coordinate system into new coordinate system, the results limit area constraint with rational standard range and preserving precision. The transfer result is compared with the traditional coordinate transfer result, so as to find out queries that cannot be detected in traditional coordinate transfer result. When surveyors carry on general surveying, it can be more properly to improve the efficiency. The final result can solve the coordinate system difference, the integration questions, and the unnecessary time waste and receive the best result to apply general surveying practices.
其他識別: NSC99-2622-E005-010-CC3
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