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標題: 淤泥輕質粒料之產製
Production of Sedimentary Lightweight Aggregate
作者: 陳豪吉
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: 在產官學界及部分民間企業多年來的推動下,目前台灣輕質粒料產業於產製技術上已經大致成熟及完備。國內首座量產型之輕質粒料廠亦已設立,並於民國96年底全面量產。由於燒製型輕質粒料之生產工藝受燒製設備及原料成分之影響甚大,且該廠之設備屬新式之旋窯,為能達到品質控制及提高設備效能之目的,與中興大學合作進行人才訓練與產製技術開發。前兩年之計畫已完成有淤泥原料基本性質資料庫建立及淤泥輕質粒料基本製程之轉移,另外亦協助廠商建立了輕質粒料品質檢驗制度及人才培訓等。今年度之研究則著重於節能耐震效果更佳之結構用輕質粒料開發與生產。
Based on the impetus of industrial, official and academic circles as well as some folk industries formany years, the production technique of lightweight aggregate related industry has almost been close to bemature and complete presently. In Taiwan, the first internal lightweight aggregate factory having the highcapability of output was established and the mass production of factory was done in 2007. A new type ofrotatory kiln was adopted as the equipment of that factory. Because the techniques for producing sinteredlightweight aggregates are primarily influenced by the sintering equipments and compound compositions oftheir raw materials, for the purpose of attaining quality control and improving equipment efficiency,Chung-Hsing University has been cooperated to carry out the talent training and production techniquedevelopment. In first two years, the completed works of this project included the establishment offundamental property database for sediments and the transformation of essential production techniques. Inaddition, the factory owners were also given assistance to set up the quality verification systems oflightweight aggregates and train talents, etc. In this year, the project will further emphasize on thedevelopment and production of structural lightweight aggregates possessing greater economic and seismicbenefit.
其他識別: NSC99-2622-E005-009-CC3
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