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標題: 前瞻性坡地土石災害即時監測預警系統-總計畫暨子計畫:應用無線感測器網路建立坡地位移計算系統(III)
Using Wireless Sensor Network on the Underground Displacement Sytem of Hillslope (III)
作者: 閻嘉義
關鍵字: 應用研究
wireless sensor network
土木水利工程類, 防災工程
solar energy
inertia navigation system
摘要: 由於微機電之進步,使以往用來偵測位移之三軸加速規及雙軸陀螺儀晶片均得以縮小,本計畫研發坡地地下測系統,採用三軸加速規及雙軸陀螺儀晶片,利用運動力學原理,整合成完整坡地位移自主定位系統,並採用無線感測網路系統,以多點跳躍傳輸模式,將不同高程之位移回傳至地面,並以卡門濾波法整合全球定位系統與地表移動偵測,配合子計畫三建立太陽能供電系統、短距離無線感測網路傳輸系統及長距離GPRS 傳輸系統,將即時位移回傳至基地台。由於本研究採用之晶片耗電量低,因此採用太陽能供電或休眠裝置即可,同時多點跳躍傳輸可使不同高程之感測器皆可回傳至地面,不致因少數點故障而影響每一鑽孔之訊號傳輸,本研究開發之坡地位移監測系統由於成本低廉、安裝容易且有太陽能自動供電,將可為相關單位所應用。
ABSTRACTOwing to the development of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), the size oftri-axis accelerator and tri-axis gyroscope is smaller than before. This project uses tri-axisaccelerator and tri-axis gyroscope to develop a underground displacement system, whichadopts the kinematic theorm to build up the localization system of hillslope, and themulti-hop topology of wireless sensor network (wsn) to triansmit the data to ground. Then weused karman filter to combine the displacement of underground and the surface . Thesubproject III bulids a solar energy power supply system, a WSN transmission system, and aGPRS transmission system to transmit the message from the subproject I and subproject II.Owing the low power consumption of chips, Only a solar energy or no outer power cansupports the sensors developed by this project. Alos the multi-hop topology can transmit thesensor messages of different elevation to the ground, even though some fault senors. Finally,owing to the advantage of low cost, easy installation and solar energy, the monitoring systemof hillslope displacement can be used in many departments.
其他識別: NSC99-2625-M005-001
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