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標題: 降低因天然災害對防鳥設施損害之研究
Alleviation of Bird-Retardation Facility Damages due to Natural Disasters
作者: 方富民
關鍵字: 技術發展
Bird Retadation Net
農業機械類, 植物保護類
Wind Tunnel Test
Natural Disaster
摘要: 本年度計畫係以前期工作之成果為基礎,將防鳥設施設計與施工之探討延伸至更為實用性之目標,並藉示範觀摩將研究成果轉移至民間。研究中包括如後四項重要工作: 一、防鳥設施的捲收與拉展機構的改善研究。二、防鳥設施施工手冊的研擬。三、防鳥設施示範觀摩的舉辦。四、防鳥網受風效應之整體分析。 預期效益為:一、提出防鳥網標準架設模式,作為農民在現地建構時之參考。二、研製防鳥網捲收和拉展的機構可以提昇其操作彈性,並增進防鳥網在使用上的便利性。三、防鳥設施風力分析之成果可以提供網體/網柱選擇與配置設計之依據,以使防鳥設施滿足經濟性與安全性之需求。四、針對農戶現場需求進行設計改良,協助農民解決問題。五、示範觀摩會的舉行可以增進產、官、學界間之互動,且可有效地將防鳥設施之設置、施工與操作之技術作直接交流。
Based on previous achievements of the project, the goal in this year is to extend the study of bird-retardation net facility to a more practical level and to transfer the necessary techniques to farmers by holding two demonstration workshops. The project includes four major tasks, illustrated as follows: 1. Improvement of rolling and spreading mechanisms of the bird-retardation net system. 2. Preparation of the related construction manual of the net facility. 3. Holding of two demonstration workshops. 4. Wind-resistent analysis of the complete net system. The expected benifits from the study are described as follows: 1. The suggested standard modes can be directly adopted by farmers in field construction. 2. The refined rolling and spreading mechanisms can promote the applicability of the net facility. 3. The results of wind-resistent analysis can provide design and construction guidelines to meet the economical and safety requirements of the facility. 4. People from the administration agencies, academic institutes and industries can be fully interacted among others in the demonstration workshops regarding the establishment, construction and operation of bird-retardation net facilities.
其他識別: 99農科-9.6.1-檢-B3(13)
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