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標題: 建構於氮化鎵模板之高功率發光二極體技術開發( I )
Development of High-Power Light-Emitting Diodes on Gan Templates
作者: 武東星
關鍵字: 光電工程
light-emitting diode
GaN template
substrate thinning
vertical conduction
internal quantum efficiency
car headlight
摘要: We propose a three-year project to develop key techniques for high-power GaN-basedlight-emitting diodes (LEDs) grown on GaN templates. The project combines three research groupsfrom NCHU, WaferWorks, and HUGA. This project aims at the development of key technologiesfor high-power LEDs, including fabrication of high quality GaN template, growth optimization onGaN template, substrate thinning/removal by mechanical polishing, and thermal management forhigh-power LEDs. Our proposed methods for the device performance improvement includeepitaxial optimization, polarization-matched structural design, and copper electroplating techniquefor LED heat dissipation. The project will focus on the achievement of a GaN template with lowdislocation density and low wafer bow by growing a GaN film on a patterned sapphire substrate. Inaddition, LED structures will also be optimized using the commercial APSYS software. With thecooperation of this project, the WaferWorks company can develop a new product of GaN templatesfor high-power LEDs application. In addition, the HUGA company can also obtain the transferredkey techniques for high-power LEDs from NCHU to develop a LED product with excellent thermalperformance. We will finally demonstrate a LED headlight in the last year of this project, and thegoals of the project are summarized as follows:1. To fabricate a 2” high-quality ~ 20 μm-thick GaN template with dislocation density as low as~106 cm-2 and wafer warp of ~ 10 μm.2. To develop the growth technique on GaN templates, improve LED internal quantum efficiencyof up to ~ 90%, and achieve an efficiency droop of smaller than 30% at an electrical inputpower of five Watts.3. To demonstrate high-power blue LEDs for car headlight application where light output poweris ~ 320 mW at injection current of 350 mA, power deterioration is less than 20% after lifetest at 700 mA, and ESD value is larger than 2 kV at human body model testing condition.
本計畫預定以三年研究期程,與合作廠商合晶科技(磊晶基板供應商)、廣鎵光電(藍綠光發光二極體製造商),採用產學分工合作架構,共同完成建構在氮化鎵模板之高效率氮化銦鎵發光二極體之關鍵技術。本計畫預計發展之關鍵技術包括低缺陷密度氮化鎵模板之技術開發、在氮化鎵厚膜模板上成長低曲率發光二極體之磊晶技術、成本低廉之機械式藍寶石基板薄化/移除之技術建立(因具有氮化鎵厚膜)、與高散熱發光二極體之晶粒製作等。藉由本計畫之執行,可協助合晶科技開發特用於HVPE 氮化鎵模板之藍寶石基板,跨足高難度之氮化鎵模板產品市場,同時協助廣鎵光電開發高散熱高功率之LED,採用優化磊晶結構結合基板薄化與電鍍銅包埋技術,提昇廣鎵光電建立與國際發光二極體大廠相抗衡之利基產品。本計畫將運用研發成果進一步開發高功率高散熱發光二極體之車用頭燈產品,以落實節能減碳之科技政策。本三年期計畫預定達成的具體成果如下:1. 開發低缺陷密度與低翹曲度之兩英吋氮化鎵模板(氮化鎵厚度約20 μm),其中差排密度~106 cm-2,翹曲度(warp) ~10 μm。2. 開發建構於氮化鎵模板之磊晶技術,並提升發光二極體內部量子效率至~90%與達成外部量子效率衰退幅度低於30%之特性(在5 瓦功率條件下)。3. 開發符合車用頭燈規格的高注入電流密度之垂直導通型發光二極體(晶片尺寸:45 mil),其中藍光光功率達~ 320 mW (at 350 mA),並且通過元件壽命測試(光衰< 20% at 700 mA;靜電放電值ESD≧2 kV@人體模型靜電測試條件)。
其他識別: NSC100-3113-E005-002-CC2
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