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標題: Process Development, Property Improvement and Barrier Layer Preparation of Bagage Clathrate Thermoelectric Materials
作者: 張立信
關鍵字: 材料科技
摘要: One of the key points for applying thermoelectric technology into producing renewable energy is a thermoelectric material which possesses excellent thermoelectric figure-of-merit. The figure-of-merit of thermoelectric materials is derived from thermoelectric power, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. The clathrates have normally a very low value of thermal conductivity due to their complicated structures and the accompanying rattler effect. In recent years, the clathrates mainly composed of BaGaGe were found to have excellent thermoelectric properties. However, due to the high cost of making a single crystal, a power process will be used in this project to prepare the BaGaGe clathrates. In this three-year project, to develop a powder process which can produce BaGaGe clathrates with stable thermoelectric properties will be the aim at the first year. The BaGaGe clathrates process procedure in this project includes melting, pulverizing and hot pressing. Property variations accompanying deviations in composition and structure which are caused by each step will be evaluated. Besides the thermoelectric properties, the mechanical and thermal properties of bulk will be measured. The aim at the second year is the improvement of properties of BaGaGe clathrates. Both approaches, reducing grain size and introducing dilute B element, will be attempted. Increasing material strength and, meanwhile, no bad influence on thermoelectric properties are expected through these approaches. The aim at the third year is trying to prepare barrier layers suitable for BaGaGe thermoelectric materials. Two kinds of barrier layers will be developed. One lies between substrate and electrode as anti-diffusion layer preventing reactions between electrode metal and BaGaGe elements. Another covers substrate surface for preventing the loss of volatile elements via vaporization.
其他識別: NSC100-2221-E005-039-MY3
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