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標題: 具多截面長鍛件之輥鍛預成形最佳化研究
Optimization of the Pre-Form by Roll-Forging for a Slender Part with Various Cross-Sections
作者: 范光堯
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: 具多截面長形鍛件均可在汽機車零組件或手工具中發現,如引擎曲軸、連桿、傳動軸、扳手等,係屬金屬材料鍛造製程較難生產者,也因此而為一種具高附加價值的鍛件。然因此類鍛件的預成形幾何形狀不易估算,致令業者多以均一截面的棒材直接鍛造加工,造成鍛件溢料過多,材料成本過劇,鍛機需求過大,模具耗損過速等窘境。如能尋出該類鍛件適切的預成形幾何,並導入合宜的預成形製程,將可增加材料與能源的利用率,改善業者獲利,不僅可提升生產鍛件的競爭力,同時能達到節能減廢綠色生產的時代要求。是以,本產學合作計畫擬針對此具高附加價值的具多截面細長鍛件,藉有限元素分析,尋求最佳預成形幾何,同時導入輥鍛分料製程,藉以降低材料成本,減少能源與機具損耗,增加產製效率,鞏固我國在世界鍛造相關產業的領先地位。本計畫擬以一年期間,藉合作企業刻在生產具多截面長形鍛件幾何尺寸資料,循輥鍛製程一般建議參數設定值,規劃鍛胚預成形幾何設計參數與最佳化目標品項,據以建立並執行鍛造製程的有限元素分析,並依目標品項,於分析結果中得出最佳的鍛胚預成形幾何,再將該幾何轉製成輥鍛製程所需的輥槽幾何後,選取合適的胚料幾何,建立並執行輥鍛與鍛造製程的有限元素分析,以確認所輥鍛出的預成形合乎所求,達成提高材料利用率的計畫目標。
Slender forging parts with various cross-sections can be found in automobile, motorcycle, or handtool parts, such as engine crankshafts, connecting rods, transmission shafts, and wrenches, which arerelatively difficult fabricated by forging and therefore very value-added. Because the pre-form for thesekinds of forgings is not easily to estimate, lots of them are manufactured directly from rods, which inducestoo much flash formations, too high material cost, too large press required, and too fast die worn out. If asuitable pre-form can be found for such forging part and an appropriate forming process for the pre-formcan be introduced, the material and energy utilization can be improved, the profit can be maximized, thecompetitivity can be ensured, and the era trend to save energy and reduce waste can be followed as well.For this reason, this proposal is aimed to find out an optimum pre-form for such forging part based onfinite element analysis and to introduce a roll forging process for manufacturing the pre-form.Consequently, the material cost can be down, the energy waste and machine wear can be reduced, theproduction can be more efficient, and to keep ahead of the forging market can be secured.This study is proposed as a one-year project to find out an optimum pre-form for slender forging partswith various cross-sections and to introduce a roll forging process for forming the pre-form in order tomeet the target of the project, improving the material utilization in manufacturing processes. In this study,some parameters will be defined for optimization of the pre-form geometry based on the forging geometryacquired from the industry and the working rules of roll forging from the process handbook. Finiteelement models are built and executed thereafter to simulate the forging processes with various pre-formsgenerated according the parameters. Among the simulation results, an optimum pre-form will be foundby optimization process. To ensure that the pre-form is the correct one, roll forging passes for theoptimum pre-form will be generated and a blank rod will be picked for simulation all of the roll forgingprocesses and forging process.
其他識別: NSC99-2622-E005-018-CC3
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