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標題: 共光路多波長掃描數位全像顯微鏡之研究(I)
Commom Path Wavelength Scanning Digital Holographic Microscope
作者: 陳政雄
關鍵字: 自動化工程
digital holographic microscope
wavelength scanning
common-path interference
surface profiling
optical coherence tomography
polarization imaging
摘要: 本 計 畫 主 要 是 在 於 研 究 一 個 創 新式的多功能共光路多波長掃描數位全像顯微鏡技術技術(Multi-function common-pathwavelength-scanning digital holographic microscope, WS-DHM),預期使其能應用於高速、大縱深量測範圍與高空間解析度的三維微結構的表面輪廓、內部斷層掃描與偏光雙折射率量測。本計畫擬研究的項目包括:1. 在 一 個 傳 統 的 Nikon 光學顯微鏡載具下, 建構一個共光路的干涉顯微鏡架構,使其干涉信號不會受到空氣擾動、振動與光學元件差異的影響,預期可以在不需要特殊的光學防振桌與真空環境保護下, 達到長時間的1 奈米以下的穩定性(指單一波長干涉信號);2. 用 high speed tunable diode laser 的多波長掃描原理, 在不需要任何機械式的X, Y 與Z 軸機構的情況下, 可以達到高速的大Z 軸縱深量測功能, 預期可在2 秒鐘內完成50微米以上的三維輪廓量測,而解析度可達10 奈米以下;3. 使用多波長干涉原理來實現材料內部的斷層掃描功能,預期斷 層掃描的空間解析度可達1 微米以下;4. 建構具有偏光量測的功能,再利用光彈原理來分析材料的雙折射率與應力分佈;5. 使 用 數 學 模 型 與 軟 體 等 軟 體 式 校 正 方 式 ,來校正因為光學系統對於多波長光源的像差、色像差、焦距變動與橫向解析度變動與其他誤差的影響,使本系統具有自動化與強健性的特點。
The objective of this work is to develop an innovative multi-functioncommon-path wavelength scanning digital holographic microscope (WS-DHM).We expect this new technology is important for the microstructure measurementapplications which require high-speed, large z-axis measurement range, and highspatial resolution applications. It is also believed that the WS-DHM is able to dothe surface profiling, optical tomography inside the materials and photoelasticanalysis in one instrument.The tasks and goals of this research include:1. To build up a common path interference microscope in a conventional Nikonoptical microscope. The common path capability can maintain high stability ofinterference signal by eliminating the noise from the air turbulence, vibrationand the errors of the optical systems. It is expected the long term stability ofthe interference signal can be better than 1 nm.2. To establish a platform of the wavelength scanning digital holographicmicroscope (WS-DHM) based on the high speed tunable diode laser. Withoutany X, Y or Z axis scanning mechanism, the high longitudinal measurementrange can be finished in high speed. It is expected that the more than 50micrometer longitudinal measurement range can be achieved within 2 seconds.The resolution is less than 10 nm.3. To add the multi-wavelength tomographic function on the WS-DHM for theinternal structure analysis application. The goal is that the spatial tomographicresolution is better than one micrometer.4. To add the polarization measurement function on the WS-DHM. Based on thepolarization measurement function and the principle of photoelasticity, we cananalyze the refractive index, birefringence and residual stress of the specimen.5. To establish the software correction function on the WS-DHM. The softwarecorrection function can compensate for the aberration, chromatic aberration, andfocus deviation due to the dispersion effect of the optical system used in amultiple wavelength light source.
其他識別: NSC100-2221-E005-036
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