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標題: 台灣地區新建地下水觀測網整體計畫---竹苗地區地下水水質試驗分析研究
The Study on the Basic Water Quality Analyses of Groundwater in the Chu-Miao Area
作者: 謝永旭
關鍵字: 土木水利工程類, 環保工程
Water analysis
Standard of quality
摘要: 本年度(九十年度)本研究乃配合經濟部水資源局辦理之台灣地區地下水觀測網整體計畫,針對台中以北之竹苗地區配合經濟部水資源局委託台糖地下水開發保育中心執行地下水觀測站的設立同時,進行基本水質的採樣與分析調查,以建立基本背景資料;另外亦可由區域整體水質的空間變化情況,提供做水文地質單元相關及連續性的探討,進而輔助地下水補注、流向等之判定及區域性污染與海水入侵情況之瞭解,以擴大整體地下水站網之成效運用。
According to the first stage of the observation network plan of groundwater in Taiwan area, executed by the Groundwater Center of the Taiwan Sugar Company and granted by the Department of Water Resources Conservancy, the basic water quality in these area will be investigated and analyzed for total 69 newly build-up observation wells. The analytical items for water quality included pH, water temperature, conductivity, ORP, chloride, hardness, Coliform, chemical oxygen demand, biological oxygen demand, total organic carbon, total alkalinity, total dissolved solid, total suspended solid, sulfate, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, and various metals ( sodium, potassium, arsenic, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, chromium, copper, znic, cadmium, mercury). The purpose of this study is the establishment of the informative data of groundwater quality and the assessment of the availability to insure the safety and quality of groundwater use. By the analytical investigation of groundwater quality for the newly build-up observation wells, it is expected to establish the basic information in the Chu-MiaoAreaand, discuss the availability of groundwater body, understand the corrosive-liking or scaling-liking trend, evaluate the pollution problem, and detect the sources of pollution. Moreover, it will be helpful to regional pollution and seawater intrusion based on the complete and comprehensive regional groundwater quality.
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