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標題: 95年度「南投縣溫室氣體排放調查研究及減量評估計畫
作者: 鄭曼婷
關鍵字: 環保工程
摘要: 為推動南投縣溫室氣體排放減量,本計畫工作內容主要包括收集整理國內外溫室氣體排放管制趨勢相關資料、調查南投縣溫室氣體排放現況及研擬溫室氣體管制策略。計畫執行時間從95年4月27日起至12月31日止,工作的成果如下:1.收集整理國內外溫室氣體排放管制趨勢相關資料本計畫蒐集評析1995至2005年聯合國氣候變化綱要公約締約國會議及國內二次全國能源會議之結論。另外,歸納各國(美國、加拿大、日本及韓國)減量政策均朝向節約能源、發展再生能源及抑制碳排放量等三個方向發展。2.盤查南投縣溫室氣體排放現況本計畫依據IPCC之計算方法,分別推估南投縣各部門的溫室氣體排放量及建置94年南投縣溫室氣體排放清單。另外,亦完成下列各項工作:(1)舉辦一場次之「南投縣溫室氣體減量宣導」座談會,分別針對國際溫室氣體管制趨勢、國內現行盤查技術及節約能源技術等議題進行專題演講。(2)針對南投縣境內10家工廠進行現地盤查,並邀請專家學者針對工廠之減量空間進行評估。3. 研擬南投縣溫室氣體管制策略與方向 本計畫參考國際各都市的減量措施與我國全國能源會議結論,據此規畫研擬南投縣可優先推動之溫室氣體管制策略及方向。
In order to advance Greenhouse Gas(GHG) emission reduction for Nantou county, this project intends to collect the information of GHG control trend and the techniques of reducing GHG. Ultimately, the goal is to estimate the GHG emission profiles of Nantou county. These results will provide the necessary information to plan the control policies of greenhouse gases for Nantou county. The project has been conducted from April 27 to December 31 in 2006. The results are reported as the following:1. Information regarding GHG control trend and reduction techniques In this project, we searched the developing trend of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change from 1995 to 200, and the conclusions of our national energy conference. Moreover, we collected the control policies of greenhouse gases of several countries in the world, including America, Canada, Japan and Korea. All reduction policies of each country lead to energy saving, using low GHG emission fuels to reduce their emission of GHG.2. GHG emission inventory compiled for Nantou countryIn this project, we calculated the GHG inventory of Nantou county by using the IPCC guidelines from each emission sectors. In addition, we also have completed 2 different tasks, which include:(1)To hold one GHG seminar and discuss the GHG reduction information through the meeting. The topics included GHG emission inventory compiling procedures, GHG reduction strategies and energy saving techniques.(2)To finish the GHG emission inventories of 10 factories in Nantou country, and evaluating the GHG reduction strategies for those factories.3. Reduction strategies planned for Nantou countyIn this project, we have analyzed the abatement policies of Greenhouse Gas emission from other cities in the world. By reviewing the conclusions of the national energy conference, we have drawn up the reduction polices of Greenhouse Gas.
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