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標題: 南投縣95年度紙錢燃燒空氣污染防制宣導管制計畫
Propagada of control and preventing air pollution caused from joss paper burning in Nantou County, 2006
作者: 林明德
關鍵字: 基礎研究
Nantou County
環保工程, 宗教
Joss Paper Burning
Air Pollution Prevention
Emission Analysis
摘要: 本計畫係針對南投縣境內之廟宇等紙錢燃燒量較大的場址進行紙錢集中燃燒或減量燃燒之宣導,並透過下列措施,期能減少紙錢燃燒所產生之污染物排放量:(一)對廟宇及其附近民眾進行問卷調查,以瞭解民眾之紙錢燃燒行為並宣導減燒或不燒紙錢之觀念;(二)對境內具代表性之廟宇進行紙錢燃燒污染防制措施之輔導;(三)舉辦紙錢集中燃燒宣導會;(四)針對紙錢燃燒現址進行採樣,以瞭解其對於周界之影響。研究結果發現,多數廟宇及其附近居民皆能感受到因紙錢燃燒行為所帶來的生活環境品質或健康等層面的影響。然而,基於對傳統民俗的尊重,多數人仍表示可以忍受,但對於環保局若推動集中燃燒或減量燃燒等政策則多表示支持。至於露天燃燒或金爐燃燒紙錢所產生的污染物,根據檢測結果發現,八處次所測得之濃度皆明顯受到紙錢燃燒量、風速風向、紙錢堆積與攪拌情形等因素的影響;但整體而言,因燃燒不完全所排放的PAHs及CO皆遠較背景值高出數十倍至數千倍。此外,經輔導結果得知,廟宇未設置空氣污染防制的專則人員以及紙錢燃燒量變動性高等因子,皆為影響空氣污染防制設備使用效率的主要因素。
The main goal of this study is to propagandize the temples in Nantou County the policies of reducing the amount of joss paper burning and/or gathering the joss paper then burning in incinerators or furnaces well-equipped with pollution control facilities. Hundreds of questionnaires were investigated for both the public and temples to preliminarily find out the impacts of joss paper burning on the neighborhoods of temples. Several air samples from the joss paper burning sites were also collected and analyzed. The results show that most of the public and temples are aware of the influences of joss paper burning on the quality of living environment and human health. However, most of the public still can tolerate such influences due to the religious considerations, and are also willing to support the policies of reducing or gathering-burning joss paper. With regard to the air pollutants generated by joss paper burning, the concentrations of all of the eight air samples were significantly affected by the following factors: the amount of paper burning, wind speed and direction, the burning rate of joss paper and the stir situation of the joss paper stack. In general, the emissions of PAHs and CO at the burning sites are higher than those of background site with tens to thousands times of magnitudes.
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