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標題: Chemical Compositions and Source Apportionment of PM2.5 and PM2.5-10 near Coastal Area in Central Taiwan(II)
作者: 鄭曼婷
關鍵字: 環保工程
particulate matter
chemical compositions
source apportionment
receptor model
central Taiwan
摘要: 台灣中部重大污染源多集中在沿海地區,由於近年來此地區仍持續興建電廠和工業區開發,懸浮微粒有惡化趨勢。且彰化縣二林測站雖然周遭環境無顯著污染源,然常有PM10 高污染現象,又位於台中火力發電廠下方的鹿港未來可能興建電廠,此兩地區的空氣品質成為民眾關注的議題。因此本研究於九十七年度在國科會的經費補助下執行「中部沿海地區PM2.5 及PM2.5-10 之化學組成及污染來源貢獻量推估之研究」的專題計畫,目前二林地區已被選定中部科學工業園區的第四期預定地,為了建立中部沿海地區建置科學工業園區及可能增設電廠前空氣懸浮微粒的化學組成資料,本研究為延續「中部沿海地區PM2.5 及PM2.5-10 之化學組成及污染來源貢獻量推估之研究」的第二年計畫,研究方法持續在二林和鹿港兩地設置PM2.5 和PM2.5-10 採樣站,進行兩次懸浮微粒密集觀測,兩年期間共進行四次密集觀測,採樣期間涵蓋東北季風及西南氣流季節,採集的樣品分析其金屬元素、含碳物質及水溶性陰陽離子,並將利用化學質量平衡受體模式解析此地區PM2.5 和PM2.5-10 的污染來源及貢獻量,研究成果可建立中部沿海地區可能增設電廠前或建置科學工業園區前空氣懸浮微粒的基本資料,以及瞭解二林地區PM10 高污染的成因,以利擬定管制對象與策略。
Major pollution sources manily located near the coastal area in central Taiwan. Recently, the powerplants and industrial parks in this area are still increasing. As a result, the elevated particulate pollutionfrequently occurred. Since PM10 episodic days often occurred at Erlin site although there were no significantpollution sources near the site. Also Lukang, located at the downstream of the power plant emissions, maybuild a power plant in the future. Therefore the air quality at these two sites has caused a great concern bythe publics. This research project entitled “Chemical compositions and source apportionment of PM2.5 andPM2.5-10 near coastal area in central Taiwan”.is currently supported by the National Science Council.Recently Erlin has been selected as the location for the 4th phase site of the Central Taiwan Science Park. Inorder to investigate the chemical compositions of the ambient particulates before the development of theCentral Taiwan Science Park and the power plant in the coastal area, this proposal extends the studies as asecond year's proposal. The characteristics of the particulates and the pollution sources at these two siteswill be investigated. Two extensive sampling programs will be conducted in this project. Totally there willbe four extensive sampling programs during these two year's project. The sampling periods will cover thenortheastern and the southwestern prevailing wind seasons. The experiments will be conducted to collectPM2.5 and PM2.5-10 simultaneously at Erlin and Lukang. Following the sampling, the water soluble ions,carbonaceous materials and metal elements will be analyzed. Furthermore, the chemical mass balancereceptor model will be used to apportion the contributions of the pollution sources to PM2.5 and PM2.5-10.The results of this study will better understand the pollution sources at Erlin and establish the fundamentaldata for the particulates at Lukang before building the power plant. The results will also provide the usefulinformation for the particulate control strategies in this area.
其他識別: NSC98-2221-E005-016
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